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The Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio: NOW OPEN!

There’s no stone more evocative than marble. Over the centuries marble has inspired master artists, architects, theologians, emperors, philosophers and even novelists as they went about their art, rule and work.

5 Modern ways to use marble in your home

While you may not have an ancient palace to clad, you may be surprised at some of the more modern applications of marble in your home – sure to create a frisson of delight in you and your guests alike.

Rudi’s Choice Marble Mesmerizes at Decorex

Rudi’s Choice scooped an historical win at Decorex Durban in March, being awarded the coveted Best Stand prize for their elegant and sophisticated exhibition stand. Large marble and onyx canvases were displayed as artwork on the exterior and interior of the black display stand, while marble-clad doors and flooring took centre stage under a brilliant chandelier. A modern, free-standing, marble-clad fireplace created an eye-catching feature, complemented by the luxurious baby grand piano to add the final touch of glamour.

15 Brilliant Home Renovation Ideas Using Marble

Just like male model, Hansel, from Ben Stiller’s 2001 movie classic Zoolander, marble is also ‘so hot right now’. Trending across interior design, international kitchen design, bathroom installations and even accessories, marble has become a definitive statement of design aesthetic and luxury. Unlike high fashion trends, when applied thoughtfully and creatively, marble applications in your home add an old-world charm or a broad aesthetic appeal difficult to resist.

Food for design

‘Stylish’ and ‘chic’ are how Natasha Sideris defines the interior designs in her wildly popular Tashas eateries. On any given day Tashas sees throngs of locals, business folks, families, ladies, and even tourists – which is possibly the reason they do not take bookings. Known first and foremost for their top quality menu offerings, Tashas cafés have also become synonymous with cutting edge interiors that create a fresh, modern, and inviting space for eating, drinking and meeting.