In the quest for a connection to the earth’s inherent beauty, homeowners are turning to natural elements to infuse warmth and character into their homes. Amidst the myriad of choices available, Rudi’s Choice is the epitome of embracing this planet’s bounty, integrating the outdoors with the indoors in a harmonious space of textures and hues.

Light it Up

For those seeking to kindle a flame of authenticity within their living spaces, Rudi’s Choice Zimbabwe Granite is perfect for your indoor fireplace. With its rich, earthy tones and intricate grain patterns, this natural stone makes the fireplace a focal point that embodies charm.

The enduring allure of this fire-resistant stone captures the essence of nature’s artistry, creating an inviting ambiance that transcends the ordinary. The integrated vents above the TV allow for a seamless family-centric design that bring the fireplace and TV into one space.

Rudi’s Choice Zimbabwe Granite is the closest to a pure black, natural stone surface. Although engineered quartz surfaces can create this look, Zimbabwe Granite is all-natural and 100% African surface material.

Rudi’s Choice Zimbabwe Granite is the closest you will get to a pure black, natural stone surface.

Embrace the Outdoors

Step outside with Rudi’s Choice Rain Forest Green Marble, a stunning choice for creating an awe-inspiring feature wall by the pool. The vibrant colours and swirling patterns of Rain Forest Green Marble evoke the lush depths of a tropical rainforest, bringing an enchanting touch to your oasis.

Rainforest Green is a rich marble with incredible depth in its makeup. Layers of emerald, moss, stone, turquoise, merlot, and powder shoot across each slab in a flurry of lines and interconnections.

The poolside feature wall becomes a canvas, merging with the natural surroundings to create a visual masterpiece that invites beauty into your exterior living. Can you believe that this is a water feature as well? The water runs down the wall for a calming effect. Also, the stone has been fluted before being cladded to the wall – super innovative!

Rudi’s Choice Rain Forest Green Marble is a rich and complex marble that carries incredible depth in its makeup.

Indoor Entertaining

Indulge your senses with the grandeur of Rudi’s Choice Silver Paradiso Leather, a unique selection that redefines the concept of an indoor braai and wine cooler wall feature. The leathered finish of Silver Paradiso adds a tactile element, welcoming you to experience the texture of the stone. The mirroring of this material in both areas creates a sensory symphony that takes your entertaining space to the next level. The monochrome palette lends itself to various aesthetics but shines in ultra-modern spaces like this one.

Rudi’s Choice Silver Paradiso Leather’s bold style has a contemporary feel with a dark grey background – and handsome white patterning swirled throughout.

Make Natural Stone Your #1 Choice

Turning to nature for your home – exterior and interior – is not merely a design choice; it is a conscious decision to embrace the authenticity of natural elements. Rudi’s Choice infuses your living spaces with a touch of the wild and an everlasting connection to the earth’s beauty.

From the indoor fireplace adorned with Zimbabwe Granite to the outdoor feature wall kissed by Rain Forest Green Marble, and the indoor braai and wine cooler wall feature wrapped in the luxurious feeling of Silver Paradiso Leather – each selection is a testament to the enduring appeal of those natural wonders. Elevate your home with Rudi’s Choice and embark on a journey where living boundaries blur, creating a space that resonates with the authentic charm of the natural world.