While you may not have an ancient palace to clad, you may be surprised at some of the more modern applications of marble in your home – sure to create a frisson of delight in you and your guests alike.


Wall Cladding

Since every slab is unique, using marble on the wall is like hanging nature’s artwork in your home. A nice option it to use different tile sizes, which would provide some interesting movement to the space and highlight the variety of veining very well.


Storage and Shelving

Marble-cladded furniture and shelving add the finishing touch to an elegant interior. Either on the outside of cupboard doors or as floating shelves, marble will maximize the effects of storage transforming them into more than just practical elements.



Complete the look of luxury with marble on the floors. Being a good heat conductor, marble is suitable for underfloor heating systems Visually, having marble floors will instantly elevate the appearance of your space giving it a rather majestic feel.



Nothing says opulence like a marble-clad bathroom! For an area that is generally small within the home context, marble is the perfect way to bring in a contemporary and fresh feeling to a space. It is also a good way to keep the space timeless so you don’t have to renovate often.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks

The splashback is a wonderful place to bring in the clean, natural elements found marble, without worrying about wear-and-tear that a hardworking surface would receive. Acting as a frame, it will complement the style and design of a kitchen whilst still serving as am easy to clean wall protector.