As we welcomed in the new year, we welcomed in some new interior ideas when it comes to marble with architecture and interior design taking some significant turns in this new decade.  We know marble has made a notable comeback in recent years, but what does that mean? Here is what we have noticed, about how marble is being used and how you can consider it when renovating and revamping…

Keep it on the down-low

With global economic changes, people are spending much more time at home – be it working from home or being financially savvy and avoiding lavish holidays, there is an emphasis on making living spaces more cosy and welcoming. With this, ‘all-marble’ rooms have taken a back-step to make spaces warmer, and we are seeing marble being used in smaller applications that make a fresh statement and are not too overwhelming. While marble is sticking around for the coming decade, its application is changing and giving room to be much more creative designs.

Rudi's ChoiceMarble Trends

Top Notch

With technology advancing design possibilities, marble furniture has become so popular, veering in a more simplistic design direction compared to the more monolithic style we’re used to seeing. This is particularly evident in tables. From dining tables to coffee tables, applying marble in this manner allows you the opportunity to connect and coordinate your homes design style. If the kitchen and bathroom is where you have marble applications – you can incorporate a marble-accented table top elsewhere in your home to bring it all together. Utilising marble flooring or walls in a dining room may appear overpowering, but a marble table will bring in a chic and timeless feel to the room.

Wall Slabs

Even though the previous points promote marble use in smaller doses, if you have capacity for a big and beautiful commitment coloured marble wall slabs are the way to go. With a massive variety of colours and designs, marblecan turn a wall into a show-stopping accent wall to transform everyday spaces. Think, bedrooms, reading nooks, and guest bathrooms. The best option would be a slab that has a lighter base, warm coloured veins or a fresh pops of colour like orange, rose pink or browns. This will add to the warmth of the room while still having the boldness of the stone. From here your décor items can be selected based on these tones to bring it all together.

Stay grounded

Being easy to keep clean, marble tiles are still a great option for flooring.  You can reserve them for smaller spaces like entrance halls like guest bathrooms, which will still bring in an element of luxury and make a statement to guests, but it won’t over power the look of the space.

Marble From Rudi’s Choice

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Rudi's Choice Marble Trends