Arctic Sky

Arctic Sky is named after the North Pole for good reason. Its scattered winter white, grey and black veining evokes images of the tundra, with pops of pastel blue a reminder that Spring is always around the corner. Arctic Sky is ideal for any application, whether flooring, cladding or even bespoke furniture.


Cipollino Rosso

This artistic marble can’t help but captivate its admirers. Displaying the characteristic blended, yet distinct tones of the cipolin marble family, this unique natural stone combines muted, ruddy hues with tar-black and meringue-white veins. As with all natural stone, Cipollino Rosso can easily be applied to your home or commercial building’s interiors and exteriors.


Iceberg Leather

Texture, texture, texture… With veins that look like cracks and its naturally aesthetic movement, Iceberg Leather is guaranteed to make your designs come to life. Although all stone is naturally ‘aged’, this particular marble captures a gorgeous antique look and feel that can work in a modern application or a more traditional setting.


Silver White

Silver White marble captures an organic, industrial look and feel that is right on trend. With pale grey and white veining, Silver White’s paint-and-concrete milieu can be compared with Bardiglio Wave (Leather Finish), which offers a more intense colour palette. Remember to consult your fabricator about your chosen marble’s specific care and maintenance needs.


Sahara Noir

Elegant and timeless, this marble will never go out of style. With a pitch-black backdrop and rich gold and white veins, Sahara Noir has finally arrived to bring a new depth of style to your space. Consult your fabricator for maintenance tips to ensure your marble surfaces retain their beautiful appearance for years to come.


Nero Dorado

If you’re looking for a similar colour scheme, but with more striking veining than the regal Sahara Noir marble, then Nero Dorado is for you. Likely named with the legendary El Dorado in mind: a Spanish name meaning “gilded one” – thick and thin veins combined in a grid-like pattern create a multi-dimensional design with intriguing visual depth – a bold surface that is bound to draw attention in any setting.     At Rudi’s Choice, each slab is hand selected by an expert, so you know you are getting the highest quality material. And with the biggest selection of marble and onyx in South Africa, you know that you will find the best one to meet your design needs. Our trained consultants are here to assist and advise you countrywide! Contact us today to book an appointment.