Sourced from around the world, Rudi’s Choice marble is the perfect, and luxurious, choice for your flooring surface. Gracing palaces and buildings for ages, marble is the natural material that will grace your home with style and elegance, but here are a few more reasons to install marble flooring. We loved these reasons that Joseph Lewitin mentions in The Spruce, take note:

Marble Flooring


The biggest advantage of marble floor tile is that it can instantly elevate the appearance of a space, giving it a regal bearing that is hard to imitate. At the same time marble is available in multiple colors, and even in stunning multicolor mixes, providing flexible options for a variety of decorative schemes. Tiles can also be cut to rectangles, and triangles of varying sizes, in order to create complex mosaic piece installations. Marble Flooring


Because it is a product of the earth, every single piece of marble tile used in every single floor is a one of a kind, and there is no other like it anywhere in the world. In the case of multi colors this can be quite extreme, with distinct features blaring forth from every tile. With more solid colored looks the shifts and changes will be much more subtle and subdued, but still present, making your floor stand out with its own personality. Marble Flooring


The look of a marble floor can bring the stunning power and dignity of a flowing mountain range into an interior space. Even if the material is heavily refined, the inherent feel and presence of its energy can have a potent effect, injecting an environment with trembling energy and awe, while also connecting it to the greater outside world.



Artists have treasured marble for centuries because it has a natural translucent property that allows light to penetrate through it slightly. This can make a statue, or even floor tiles seem to almost glow when the sun hits them just right. The illuminated effect is much more pronounced in white and lighter colored materials.

Embrace Marble Flooring


Unlike most natural stones, marble is able to take a very high polish, getting silky smooth and shimmering when treated properly. This is a look of sophistication and glamour that evokes the highest sense of elegance in a space. It’s also a truly distinct look, which can make a difference when trying to create a flooring installation that really stands out.

Embrace Marble Flooring


Marble is a great conductor of heat, making it eligible for a variety of below surface radiant heating systems to be installed. This can infuse the tiles beneath your feet with a rush of cozy warmth that can be thrilling, especially on cold wintry mornings. In some cases it will also be possible to install radiant cooling systems that will chill surfaces down on sultry summer days.

At Rudi’s Choice, each slab is hand selected by an expert, so you know you are getting the highest quality material. And with the biggest selection of marble and onyx in South Africa, you know that you will find the best one to meet your design needs. Our trained consultants are here to assist and advise you countrywide! Contact us today to book an appointment.