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Arctic Sky is named after the North Pole for good reason. Its scattered winter white, grey and black veining evokes images of the tundra, with pops of pastel blue a reminder that Spring is always around the corner. Arctic Sky is ideal for any application, whether flooring, cladding or even bespoke furniture.


This artistic marble can’t help but captivate its admirers. Displaying the characteristic blended, yet distinct tones of the cipolin marble family, this unique natural stone combines muted, ruddy hues with tar-black and meringue-white veins. As with all natural stone, Cipollino Rosso can easily be applied to your home or commercial building’s interiors and exteriors.


Texture, texture, texture… With veins that look like cracks and its naturally aesthetic movement, Iceberg Leather is guaranteed to make your designs come to life. Although all stone is naturally ‘aged’, this particular marble captures a gorgeous antique look and feel that can work in a modern application or a more traditional setting.


Silver White marble captures an organic, industrial look and feel that is right on trend. With pale grey and white veining, Silver White’s paint-and-concrete milieu can be compared with Bardiglio Wave (Leather Finish), which offers a more intense colour palette. Remember to consult your fabricator about your chosen marble’s specific care and maintenance needs.


Elegant and timeless, this marble will never go out of style. With a pitch-black backdrop and rich gold and white veins, Sahara Noir has finally arrived to bring a new depth of style to your space. Consult your fabricator for maintenance tips to ensure your marble surfaces retain their beautiful appearance for years to come.


If you’re looking for a similar colour scheme, but with more striking veining than the regal Sahara Noir marble, then Nero Dorado is for you. Likely named with the legendary El Dorado in mind: a Spanish name meaning “gilded one” – thick and thin veins combined in a grid-like pattern create a multi-dimensional design with intriguing visual depth – a bold surface that is bound to draw attention in any setting.     At Rudi’s Choice, each slab is hand selected by an expert, so you know you are getting the highest quality material. And with the biggest selection of marble and onyx in South Africa, you know that you will find the best one to meet your design needs. Our trained consultants are here to assist and advise you countrywide! Contact us today to book an appointment.

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When Rudi and Lynn Eggers started building their family home in Franschhoek’s Val de Vie Estate, they were drawn to the beautifully balanced lifestyle it offered. With a perfect mix of luxury living and lush vegetation, they were also swayed by the wide-open spaces and many surrounding wine farms that let you experience the beauty of Cape Town’s culture.




One of the non-negotiables for Lynn, was to create something different to their Durban home. Fitting/appropriate to its humid sub-tropical climate, their Umhlanga Ridge home offers cool, crisp, white interiors, but Lynn was eager to embrace the varying seasons of the Cape to create a warm, welcoming home. With the help of Vanderbilt Construction and Icon Architects, the Eggers saw their vision of a new family residence take shape.




From the moment you open the front door, the beautifully considered interiors draw you in. With large glass windows throughout, the home is filled with natural light. Grant Horak, from Horak Venter Designs worked beside Lynn to welcome the outdoors in and incorporate interesting snaps of colour and deep textures on a grey-toned foundation. With an incredibly clever selection, each area is anchored by a signature piece that dictates the style, making the space unique. Elements of high-glamour are offset by a pared-back elegance that reflects the couples personal style and charisma.



With fully-integrated appliances and a free-standing island the Eggers’ kitchen was designed by Assirelli and is positioned front of house, acting as the prop that brings all the elements together. No longer a space for merely cooking, this kitchen was designed with functionality in mind and also caters for entertaining, catch-ups and even a working space if need be.



Their taste in, and support of, local art is also reflected throughout the home. Hanging authoritatively in the kitchen and bar area are vibrant paintings by Pretorian artist Willie Strydom, that were organised by The Vineyard Gallery in Franschhoek. In other parts of the home are large photographic prints by Grant Laversha, who is known for his scrupulous style and creative usage of natural light. But it is not just the art that adorns the walls that offer exquisite talking points… On entering the home you are met by an unmissable floor to ceiling wine rack, followed by a jaw-dropping book-ended Panda marble that occupies the wall behind the fire place.




The bathroom, as it is known today, is best viewed as a sanctuary. A place curated for personal well being, where you can escape and revive. In this instance, the four bathrooms each hold pride of place. Three of the bathrooms have wall-cladding in decadent Bianco Ciello marble from Vietnam.




As the Managing Director of International Slab Sales, it was no surprise that Rudi’s passion for natural and engineered stone came through in the finishes, with marble flawlessly in various applications. With a lovely juxtaposition of engineered stone, natural elements and the mix of colours on grey foundations, this light-filled home has a grounded, contemporary-chic feeling to it. With a large family and a love for entertaining, the open-plan design ensures that this home will always be able to welcome guests and good times.

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We Found Magic in Milan


Every year, designers from around the world gather to explore the world’s largest and most impressive design fair, the Salone del Mobile, also known as Milan Design Week. Every two years they welcome EuroCucina, which is the world’s leading showcase for high-end, innovative kitchens that took place this year. With over 430 000 people attending this year alone, we discovered many inspiring design elements that could be incorporated into the home to transform your space. Here are our top 4 trends that we identified:


Rudi 3


It’s all About the Craft:

Pulling together a vast array of exhibits from design experts from around the world, quality and creativity were highlighted on every corner but what stood out was the exquisite craftsmanship. No matter the price, quality and precision craftsmanship will bring about feelings of luxury and opulence.


Rudi 1


The Kitchen Transformed:

We have been expecting this for a long time, but the kitchen has officially moved in as the social and living room as well. The designs, appliances and quality all lend themselves to fit into different areas of the home and different functions.


Rudi 2


Au Naturel

We love this trend that we saw – lots of designers are moving toward a more softer and natural feeling to their interiors. Making the timbers, tones and textures the hero, don’t shy away from exposing wood grains, stainless steel finishes and the natural veins of stone.


Rudi 5


Marble Mania

In all areas of the home, we are seeing more and more marble! Usually installed to enhance the luxurious feeling of the design, it is also being used in playful ways. Ultimately it is always about quality and longevity, so marble is being installed carefully and in a considered way to add a legitimate timeless appeal.


Rudi 4


If you would like to incorporate natural stone into your home give us a call! At Rudi’s Choice, each slab is hand selected by an expert, so you know you are getting the highest quality material. And with the biggest selection of marble and onyx in South Africa, you know that you will find the best one to meet your design needs. Our trained consultants are here to assist and advise you countrywide! Contact us today to book an appointment.

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Authentic Design for Luxury Living



Authentic Design for Luxury Living


Granite kitchen and granite lounge1


When briefed to create a kitchen and lounge that oozes luxury, you can’t help but think of the beauty of natural stone, and specifically marble. For Design Joburg 2018, blu_line Kitchens embarked on a collaboration of note that saw them creating one of their favourite projects to date, and one of ours too!


Granite kitchen and granite lounge2


Entitled the monoarc collection, the design collaboration introduced the latest product innovations. Contoured angles and subtle curves were used to soften the atmosphere of the space, and the carefully shaped marble gives it a profile that is truly unique and customizable. This is the perfect example of a bespoke kitchen for luxury living, where no detail has been forgotten.


Granite kitchen and granite lounge3


As blu_line explains: “Detail is an exciting component entering the world of trends at the moment. It serves a dual purpose, often affecting both form and function. A well thought out kitchen goes beyond the basic structure and spills over into the surrounding elements. When it comes to pairing colours, take great care in incorporating a multitude of textures and materials – focusing on these fine details often bring the greatest amount of character to a space.”




The timeless beauty of marble will ensure that your designs will not be part of a fleeting trend. “Trends come and go a lot faster than we would like, but with trends like these, trends that positively affect the way we work, live and experience life, and bring an element of authenticity to our days, we see these serving a good amount of time.”


luxury kitchen


Many thanks to the incredible teams at StudioA, Streamlight, Truedesign, blu_line kitchens and Tuami Zulu, for showcasing the beauty of marble and all its possibilities. To bring a timeless elegance and luxury into your home, visit the Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio to view the countries biggest selection of marble, granite and onyx. Our expert consultants are ready to assist you in selecting your favourite slabs for installation.


luxury living

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The Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio recently celebrated its official Grand Opening with the South African design community, media and architects. With connoisseur coffee, scrumptious canapés and craft gin on tap the most expansive collection of marble and onyx slabs came to life. Ten lucky guests walked away with a delicious meal voucher for two at the most perfectly matched place – the much-acclaimed Marble restaurant.




Speaking on his years of experience and passion with natural stone, Rudi Eggers reminded us that there is nothing quite like the beauty of marble. With each slab being uniquely metamorphosed, each vein organically formed, and each colour like no other, it is crucial that you view and select your marble and onyx slab in person.




This is the purpose of the Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio – to provide an informative and inspiring space for the public to experience natural stone in full scale and in interesting applications. From walls, floors, shelving and fireplaces, there are so many applications that can come to life with marble – come and see for yourself!




At Rudi’s Choice, each slab is hand selected by an expert, so you know you are getting the highest quality material. And with the biggest selection of marble and onyx in South Africa, you know that you will find the best one to meet your design needs. Our trained consultants are here to assist and advise you countrywide! Contact us today to book an appointment.


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The Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio: NOW OPEN!

The Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio: NOW OPEN!



There’s no stone more evocative than marble. Over the centuries marble has inspired master artists, architects, theologians, emperors, philosophers and even novelists as they went about their art, rule and work. Let the beauty of marble inspire you in your home everyday, by incorporating it into various applications.




But where to begin? Once you know where you would like to have marble in your home it is time to choose the variation would best suit the space. With the help of our experienced consultants, our Rudi’s Choice Marble Studio was created to help you make the best choice. Viewing your choice of marble before you install is essential to ensure you get your favourite and unique slab…




Our full collection of marble, granite and onyx is on display for you to explore, in full slabs and application examples. Call to book an appointment today!

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5 Modern ways to use marble in your home


While you may not have an ancient palace to clad, you may be surprised at some of the more modern applications of marble in your home – sure to create a frisson of delight in you and your guests alike.



Wall Cladding

Since every slab is unique, using marble on the wall is like hanging nature’s artwork in your home. A nice option it to use different tile sizes, which would provide some interesting movement to the space and highlight the variety of veining very well.



Storage and Shelving

Marble-cladded furniture and shelving add the finishing touch to an elegant interior. Either on the outside of cupboard doors or as floating shelves, marble will maximize the effects of storage transforming them into more than just practical elements.




Complete the look of luxury with marble on the floors. Being a good heat conductor, marble is suitable for underfloor heating systems Visually, having marble floors will instantly elevate the appearance of your space giving it a rather majestic feel.




Nothing says opulence like a marble-clad bathroom! For an area that is generally small within the home context, marble is the perfect way to bring in a contemporary and fresh feeling to a space. It is also a good way to keep the space timeless so you don’t have to renovate often.

Kitchen splashbacks

The splashback is a wonderful place to bring in the clean, natural elements found marble, without worrying about wear-and-tear that a hardworking surface would receive. Acting as a frame, it will complement the style and design of a kitchen whilst still serving as am easy to clean wall protector.


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Rudi’s Choice Marble Mesmerizes at Decorex


Rudi’s Choice scooped an historical win at Decorex Durban in March, being awarded the coveted Best Stand prize for their elegant and sophisticated exhibition stand.

“We’ve really taken the Rudi’s Choice brand to a new level this year,” says International Slab Sales marketing director, Trevor King. “Creating a new look and feel for the stand seemed to really connect with the show’s visitors, who were inspired to imagine our marble and onyx products in their own homes,” he says.


Large marble and onyx canvases were displayed as artwork on the exterior and interior of the black display stand, while marble-clad doors and flooring took centre stage under a brilliant chandelier. A modern, free-standing, marble-clad fireplace created an eye-catching feature, complemented by the luxurious baby grand piano to add the final touch of glamour.


“It was an honour handing out the best stand award to Rudi’s Choice at this year’s show. The stand was so well deserving of the overall award, with is sophistication in design and the well presented, knowledgeable staff – the stand ticked all the boxes of the judging criteria”. Sian Cullingworth Portfolio Director, Decorex SA.



With its ethereal, timeless beauty, marble has been a favourite with designers and homeowners world-over for several years and seems to be only gaining momentum.

“We are excited to show South Africa our new marble collection and fully expect more South Africans to fall in love with these beautiful surfaces,” concludes King.



Visit to view the latest additions to the Rudi’s Choice marble, onyx and granite collections.

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15 Brilliant Home Renovation Ideas Using Marble


Just like male model, Hansel, from Ben Stiller’s 2001 movie classic Zoolander, marble is also ‘so hot right now’. Trending across interior design, international kitchen design, bathroom installations and even accessories, marble has become a definitive statement of design aesthetic and luxury. Unlike high fashion trends, when applied thoughtfully and creatively, marble applications in your home add an old-world charm or a broad aesthetic appeal difficult to resist. Check out these 15 inspiring uses of marble to bring out your inner interior designer!

1. Dramatic Splashbacks

With improvements in industrial adhesives’ strength, it’s now possible to apply large slabs of natural stone to create wall cladding that isn’t broken up by the traditional, small tile formats of the past. The contrast of the bold, busy, dark grey veining in this single-slab, marble splashback is magnificent juxtaposed with the consistent colour of the engineered quartz kitchen countertops and the stained timber kitchen cabinets. We love how this designer made a feature out of an area of the kitchen that we usually consider part of the background.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Bianco Gioia Marble


2. Striking Bath Cladding

The reason this is a jaw-dropping bath cladding installation is that the Carrara marble has been tastefully applied – and with restraint. Many designers have made the mistake of cladding a bathroom from floor to walls – or even ceiling – in the same natural stone product with such busy patterning, one is temporarily disoriented just walking into the room! By using a limited amount of marble in the design, this bath is now the feature of the space, instead of part of an overwhelming ‘themed’ bathroom design.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice White Dune Marble


3. Bathroom Feature Wall

If you’re going to cover your bathroom in marble from top to toe, this is the way to do it. The designer has cleverly contrasted the dark-and-striking, Nero Marquina on the feature wall, with a softer, pale and lightly veined marble to add depth and visual relief to what would have been an overwhelming space to inhabit. The marble feature wall behind the bath anchors the space, allowing other design elements to support it. The beautiful view doesn’t hurt either…

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Nero Marquina Marble


4. Marble Fireplace

Marble is most often imagined in kitchen or bathroom spaces, but as is evident in this example, it’s definitely a material for any room in the house. Sleek, modern and eye-catching, the designer has made use of three panels of marble that have been applied to clad the fireplace arch, which becomes a striking feature in this urban living room.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Rain Gray Marble


5. Monotone Marble Colour Scheme

With neutrals and earthy tones hitting a peak in design trends, we absolutely love this monotone open plan kitchen and living room. The contrast between black and white dominates the design colour palette adding depth to the space. The light wood flooring and designer bar stools add a delicious contrast, while the contemporary patterning of the marble makes this interior spring to life! This designer has cleverly created a comfortable, but beautiful space that has some serious shelf life on it. If you’re looking to sell your property, estate agents will tell you that a classy kitchen design immediately vamps up the perceived value of your home. Although it’s gorgeous, marble can be a pesky kitchen countertop surface as it’s a high maintenance investment: wherever you apply it, natural stone requires regular sealing to avoid stains. Marble is also relatively soft, so you may need to come to terms with scratches, chips and even cracks if you insist on a marble kitchen countertop.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice White Dune Marble


6. Antique Shower or Bath

We love this modern take on an old-school shower and bathroom vanity! Instead of glass shower partitions, why not try marble? The designer of this space has cleverly matched the shower with the bathroom vanity surface, using antique-style light fittings, tap fittings and an antique, French mirror to complete the look.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Bianco Gioia Marble


7. Old-School Marble Tiles

Although marble tiles are considered a little bit dated, this bathroom vanity design leaves us breathless! The attention to detail seen in the marble moulding and the larger base tiles add a sense of sophistication, while the underslung basin in the metal-framed sink area fits in perfectly! The vanity surface looks to be about 20mm thick, which complements the dainty feel of this washroom area. We love how the muted colours and patterning of the floor and wall tiles create a seamless, vintage European look. Take us back to the 1800s, please!

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Bianco Gioia Marble


8. Mixing Textures

The marble use in this modern bathroom design looks like an art installation, lifting this space to an almost transcendent bathroom interior. Too often we design spaces according to how we’ve always experienced them, but we love how this bathroom has made a feature out of the large, gorgeous marble slabs, pushing the boundaries of bathroom design! The designer has cleverly balanced the striking look and size of the marble installations by limiting colour use, and mixing textures and patterns of other natural materials within the space, helping to calm the senses in what could possibly have been a very overwhelming interior.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice White Dune Marble


9. Mixing Natural Materials

Another hot trend right now is mixing natural materials in contemporary kitchen design. This design features marble backsplashes, copper light fittings and timber flooring, with some greenery thrown in to complete the natural look. Because it’s so easy on the eyes and the soul, this trend has a lot of longevity in it, so you’ll be sure to enjoy your kitchen design for many years to come!

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Bianco Gioia Marble


10. Marble Accents

The ultimate, classic material that will never go out of fashion, tastefully incorporating contemporary marble elements into your home can add a certain je ne sais quoi to the space. Here we see a simple, small piece of traditional marble incorporated into a traditional bathroom in the form of a ‘lid’ for the radiator, which allows for added surface area – in this instance used for towel storage. Regular heating of marble shouldn’t damage the material, as long as the heating up in gradual, not too hot, and not in an isolated spot, which could cause cracking, burn marks or discoloration.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Bianco Royal Marble (bath stand)


11. The Bath Stand

Once again, contrast has been artfully incorporated into this bathroom design. From the pale-coloured flooring, to the striking, boldly-veined shower and wall cladding  juxtaposed with the sleek glass window, we love this bathroom all-round. Separating the bath from the rest of the bathroom via a delicate marble flooring installation is a practical choice if you ensure there are plenty of non-slip accessories to protect happy bathers.  Have you thought of including a marble bath stand in your next bathroom design?

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Bianco Royal Marble (bath stand)

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Marron Emperador Marble (wall cladding)


12. The Butcher’s-Block-come-Pastry-Station

‘Butcher’s block’ is a fancy name for a surface dedicated to chopping food, while a pastry station is dedicated to kneading dough or rolling out pastry. Pastry stations need a naturally cold, marble top in order to cool the temperature of pastry while the rolling pin beats it into submission. Both cold and enticing, marble is the traditional surface of choice for both of these nifty kitchen inventions!

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Volakas Marble


13. The Many Colours of Marble

Did you know that marble comes in more colours than white, grey and black? We’re not joking! Why not shop around and see what varieties are available in your area before designing your dream home? You might be surprised and have your heart stolen by Pietra Grey, Marron Emperador or Perlato Olimpo.

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Pietra Grey Marble


14. Contemporary Designs with a Traditional Material

Here we see the feature-wall-come-fireplace subsumed with a low display surface in a modern living room – made completely out of marble with almost invisible joins. Why not dream a little and come up with some inventive uses of marble material for your home interior?

Get the Look: Rudi’s Choice Botticino Semiclassico Marble



15. Marble Home Accessories

We have good news for you: you don’t need to be renovating or building to include marble in your home! The marble trend can be expressed through signature accessories like this beautiful display piece, a chopping board, vase or even a marble cheese board. The bottom line: find a way to include marble in your home this year!

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Food for design


‘Stylish’ and ‘chic’ are how Natasha Sideris defines the interior designs in her wildly popular Tashas eateries.

On any given day Tashas sees throngs of locals, business folks, families, ladies, and even tourists – which is possibly the reason they do not take bookings. Known first and foremost for their top quality menu offerings, Tashas cafés have also become synonymous with cutting edge interiors that create a fresh, modern, and inviting space for eating, drinking and meeting.


When asked why Tashas cafés have remained so successful over many years, Natasha replies, ‘At Tashas we love 3 things: people, food and design. We make all our food on order, which means nothing is pre-prepared; nothing is precut – all our food gets made in the moment. All the franchise owners are also very hands-on, which translates into a strong staff at each outlet and a huge amount of attention to detail.’


Each unique interior delightfully defies franchise conventions, offering breakfast buffs and languid lunchers a distinctive décor in which to pamper their taste buds and tummies. Natasha has always been passionate about design – her brother and business partner, Savva, is an interior designer – and she was the one to come up with each distinctive look for each outlet.

‘I wanted spaces that weren’t going to date. We’ve used timeless materials in each store for their natural look and hardwearing properties. Each restaurant looks different because I wanted each one to speak to its customers and its area.’


Tashas cafés have also become known for their gorgeous, design-forward installations of natural stone, making use of both marble and granite. The first Tashas store had mostly marble in the design, but over the past few years Natasha has begun a love affair with granite surfaces.


‘With granite there are so many different ways that you can apply the material to make it look contemporary and timeless. Granite has different looks: you can tumble, flame and polish it to different effect. I love that granite is really strong and how you can get such amazing, natural colours and patterns! I currently use it on counters and table tops, and I plan to include it in our upcoming homeware ranges too.’


A new Tashas café will soon be opening in Mandela Square, Johannesburg, where up to 90% of the interior will be covered in granite. Tashas enthusiasts can also expect 2 new waffle houses popping up in Bedfordview and Mandela Square, which will feature beautiful, natural stone surfaces.


‘We’re always looking to improve – that’s the thing that keeps us a cut above the rest. We never settle in the success,’ she says.

‘In South Africa we’re going to stop at 15 stores, but we’re about to start expanding in the Middle East.’ Natasha will be moving to Dubai for a few months to add more outlets to the existing one there, but plans to commute to keep in touch with things in SA.

Her favourite surface to work on?

‘The counter at the Hyde Park store – it’s a combination of granite and timber. I love working on those two surfaces! The bread maker uses the granite surface to make bread everyday because the cold temperature is good for preparing the dough.’

Look out for new Tashas innovations, coming soon:

  • The Tashas online store will offer Tashas kitchenware including glasses, ceramics, granite salad bowls and salt and pepper bowls made out of natural stone.
  • The first Tashas cookbook displaying classic café recipes will hit the shelves in February 2015, but the good news is that the second Tashas cookbook is being put together already. The next recipe book will feature each restaurant’s signature dishes and some exciting waffle house creations!
  • 2 new Tashas outlets will be coming soon to Bedfordview and Mandela Square.
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