Project Description

Creme Marfil Marble  

This beautiful marble epitomises the Classical era – one can almost imagine the palatial monuments of ancient Greece and Rome clad from floor to ceiling in this regal, natural stone. Crème Marfil’s creamy, tea tones and its consistent, lightly clouded patterning make it a stunning neutral palette feature piece for any interior or exterior application. This marble is also known for its fine veining and natural cracks, which all add to its beauty. As with all marbles, be careful when choosing where to install this stone, as it’s softer than granite and engineered quartz surfaces and more likely to chip, crack, stain and erode when exposed to acids like lemon juice. Marble also requires regular maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

*Colour, shade, movement and graining of actual product may vary from sample or image. We recommend that you select your preferred slabs at the branch nearest you.